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  1. rpick

    I spent some time doing my first non-humor program in Rust, rpick. It's still a simple program, but I find it useful because I have a very hard time making simple decisions such as which restaurant to go to, or which album to listen to next. rpick uses a Gaussian …

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  2. Asynchronous bodhi-ci

    I've made some more progress with Bodhi's Continuous Integration test suite runner, bodhi-ci, over the past week or so. bodhi-ci is intended to be used by both Jenkies and human developers, so that humans have a way to reproduce test failures locally. As of my most recent blog post about …

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  3. Flock 2018

    A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Dresden, Germany to attend Flock, the annual gathering of Fedora contributors. This was my third Flock and it was fun and quite productive.

    One of the things I enjoyed about this year's schedule was the built-in coffee breaks. Most …

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